It’s been almost a month since updating this blog, mainly because I’ve been  busy busy! 

The first thing I need to mention is that my brain scan came back clear….phew! One less thing to have to worry about. Now I’m just waiting on hearing what my next plan of action is, still waiting to hear if I’m eligible for a trial. It’s been four weeks and the waiting is now becoming unbearable and it’s not great for my mental health! I just want to be on some sort of treatment,  anything as  my paranoia is working overtime thinking it’s spreading by the day. 

To try and take my mind off all the bloody waiting, I have been focusing on living and what things I want to do whilst I’m still living. I’ve started compiling my new ‘fuck it’ list and thinking of ways to start ticking them off. Here they are, so feel free to help out if you can 😉 

Disney world Orlando 


As many different premier inns as we can(jacks fav hotel :))

Paultons park/peppa pig world

Alton towers and stay in hotel 

Rent a motor home and drive up to Scotland & stopping along the way. 

Take kids to Lion King in London 

Make lots of scrapbooks/photobooks 

Centre Parcs 

Decorate the house with loads of xmas lights at xmas 

Watch every (popular) Disney film

Use up all my craft supplies making freebies 

Make dave take more photos!!

Have a massive party with all friends and family…..must be black tie so I can wear a posh dress! 

Tattoo with mum

Get on tv 

Ladies day at Ascot to wear a big fuck off hat 

Go to a festival 

Take mum to fancy afternoon tea

Meet Olly Murs – didn’t get around to ticking this off my last list so thought I’d better put it back on! 

Watch all the films on Film4’s top 50 films to see before you die 

Go searching for sea glass on beaches 

I’m sure I’ll add some more when I think of them but these are good for starters. I have tickets to Ascot Ladies day so just need to find a hat and I have tickets to see Olly Murs at Newbury races so need to stalk him a bit beforehand! Me and my mum have (I think) decided on a tattoo to get so need to get that booked in before I have to have any kind of chemo and we have been researching Orlando! All the planning is keeping me nice and busy. 

We have also just got back from a family holiday on a cruise. It’s been lovely getting away as a family (bar the two days the kids were bloody awful!) and I’m already looking forward to the next time we can get away. 

So for now I’m stuck still waiting for answers……whilst planning on how to live the rest of my life with as much fun and excitement as I can! 
K xx
Ps…..I’ve decided to go over to a facebook page to blog….so come over and find me at 


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