3rd time unlucky

Yesterday I got a surprise phonecall, it really shouldn’t have Surprised me that much though as I know my team at Frimley Park hospital have a weekly meeting on Friday mornings and I often get calls straight after that. I think I was focusing too much I on my meeting I had scheduled next week. It was my breast care nurse to say the results were in from my removed lymph node…..it unfortunately had cancer in it.

Now I was kind of expecting this news but I was also really hoping it wouldn’t be. That maybe we could have a bit of a break from fucking cancerland. But no, it had to come back again!

The postitives to try and cling on to is that it’s out and my scans show that it is nowhere else. I will be forever grateful that my awesome surgeon  went in and got it even though it was a bastard of a job…..my BCN said she was telling everyone all about it in their MDT meeting and was definitely proud of what she had achieved and so she should be.

For now we don’t know the plan or if there is going to be one. She mentioned that my oncologist has said it’ll probably just be follow up scans and be monitored closely but I’m not sure how I feel about that. I did say I will gladly have some more chemo!!

I spent yesterday in a complete daze and now I have to try and snap out of it so we can enjoy Christmas as a family. Even more so now, I want this to be a truly amazing one.

I will be having a meeting in January and will update you all when I know more.

In the meantime please go  hold your family close and have an amazing Christmas.

Oh and please please please check your boobs and bits!!!


K xxx


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