Two Years On

8th October 2014 was the dreaded day. The day I got told ‘I’m sorry but it is cancer’. This date will forever be etched in my memory. It’s funny because I don’t know the date when I was diagnosed with my recurrence or any dates that relate to my second diagnosis to be honest. It’s all about that first date when your life changes forever. It might also be that I’ve had so much chemotherapy that my memory is completely fucked! Just call me Dory!

This year I commemorated the date with a shopping trip and lunch (with many many cocktails) with a very special friend.


I met Zoe through an online support group on Facebook called Younger Breast Cancer Network (YBCN)  that I joined soon after I was diagnosed. We then actually met in person at the Breast Cancer Care Younger Women Together event in London. This event they put on every year at different locations across the country is brilliant, totally recommend booking on one. I met so many ladies my age going through the same crap as me and had such a great laugh at the same time. I met quite a few other ladies that I talked online with so was lovely putting faces to names.  We found out that we only lived about half an hour from each other and the rest, as they say, is history. We now regularly meet up for Nando’s, a nice rare steak or to be honest anything else that’s edible! Getting cancer totally sucks but meeting friends like Zoe and all my other Badass Booby Bitches definitely help ease the pain.

It’s hard thinking about what we’ve been through over the last two years, we have had to deal with waaaay more shit than a family should have to but you know what, it could have been a lot worse. I have lost too many online friends to know this is true.  So I try not to dwell too much, I’m still here and we are still a solid family, can’t ask for anything more really…..oh no wait, yes I can…..I would like to ask for my PET scan next month to come back clear! I would really love a worry and chemo free christmas this year.

At the moment my anxiety is pretty low, hardly feel anxious at all at the moment which feels good but also a bit weird. I’m enjoying time out from hospital appointments, scans and waiting for results. Not sure how long this will last as I am due my scan in November and also going in to have my mastectomy scars revised and sorted out. I will be enjoying myself up until then though! At the beginning of November I’m very much looking forward to  going to the Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show in London with my fellow Flat Friends buddies and cheering on a couple of the models we know. I still find myself unable to think too far into the future, you know, just incase. The furthest I have thought about is April when we are looking to go to Las Vegas for a friends birthday and you know what, it terrifies me to think so many months in advance. I feel like I’m temtping fate by organising something in the future. Crazy really because even if something nasty does crop up in the next scan I’m sure I’ll still be able to take that trip so I do need to chill out a bit I reckon and just look forward to ‘Vegas Baby’. Easier said than bloody done though.

So, I mentioned a little while ago that I was involved in an awareness project for breast cancer awareness month, well the campaign has started so keep your eyes peeled on Stella McCartneys website and Facebook page for stories and pictures from fab ladies that have had this shitty disease……and maybe my face will pop up there in the next few weeks! In the meantime, go check out Elaine’s story.

Also whilst you’re here, if you are on Twitter please help our mission to get our friend Heidi AKA Storm in a Titcup to fulfill an awesome bucket list item……be a voice on The Simpsons! Heidi has had a completely shit time of it and totally deserves to tick off everything off her list. We are starting with this amazing one though. Get tweeting #HeidiOnTheSimpsons, follow @Heidi_simpsons and get this picture going viral!



K xx



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