Tomorrow is the 1st October which means two things.

  1. It is the month I was originally diagnosed in, 8th October to be exact.
  2. It is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The first one doesn’t really bother me, I cant do a lot to stop that date being etched on my memory forever. Funnily enough I can never really remember the date I was re-diagnosed…beginning of Sept sometime!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month…..

There are a few issues with this month, one being that everything is fucking pink and I really don’t like pink! Kinda handy I had two boys really.  You also get ridiculous ‘awareness’ games doing the rounds on Facebook and the media for example, ‘ Tell us the colour of your bra or something equally as crap, but keep the reason you’re doing it a secret’, or maybe post a picture of you showing your poxy bra strap.

Plus everyone gets on the pink bandwagon, so many of unconnected household or food items will start to have that pink ribbon on making you feel like you should buy that brand. Of course many will donate to a cancer charity probably only about 1p though. You would be better off just dropping a pound into one of the bucket collections that will probably be lurking about nearby.

So before you decide to join in with all the ludicrous ‘awareness’ games, just take a moment and think….’does this actually do any good?’. I am pretty sure everyone is by now aware of breast cancer, how could you not be?! So maybe share a post showing the signs and symptoms to look out for instead. Like this one…



Or perhaps share how to self examine your breasts for all the signs and symptoms…


If you feel like you would like to do something extra for October and donate some money to a Breast Cancer charity I would love to suggest a new one that has started up. It is called Secondary1st and it was set up by the husband of an online friend that sadly passed away last year. Their aim is to research into the prevention, diagnosis and cure of secondary (metastatic) breast cancer. Secondary breast cancer is the cancer that has spread outside of the breast ie lungs, liver, brain and bones and is the ONLY breast cancer that kills. It kills over 1000 Brits a year and currently a crazily small amount of charity money goes into research this cancer.

So go on, why not do something amazing and donate here to a fantastic cause that could one day find a cure for this shitty disease!

So to sum it up and in the words of Adam Hills, don’t be a dick! Don’t be a sheep and just do something just because someone has sent you a message telling you to update your status.If you get one of these then do one of the things I’ve suggested above. Or even better,  just go upstairs and have a feel of your boobs. Check to see if everything is as it should be. If you feel or see ANY changes get them seen to ASAP.

In related news, keep your eyes peeled for an update telling you about a project/awareness campaign I have been involved in…..its  quite exciting! 🙂

Peace out!





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