Good Times

Yo yo! How are we all?!

I am surprisingly chipper at the moment and it feels good. I am still feeling extremely tired, like going to bed as soon as the kids are asleep tired but I’m feeling more positive.

That has been helped by some wonderful friends of ours who, for my birthday present, took myself and the hubster to a Michelin starred restaurant near us called L’Ortolan. They wanted to tick something off my ‘fuck it’ list and what a great one to achieve. I had never eaten in such a fancy pants restaurant and it was a fantastic experience. We had such a wonderful time, great food, great Prosecco and wine (maybe a bit too much, whoops) and amazing company.

Don’t think I scrub up too badly either for someone that has put on shitloads of weight during treatment and has lots of scars and no boobs! What do you reckon?! Can’t tell right?! Did take me about 20 minutes to have a wee though….that dress was tight!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


look at this posh food

My aim now is to tick more things off my ‘list’. Its not a bucket list because as far as I know, I’m not due to peg it any time soon. It’s a list of stuff I just want to do and seeing as I’m impatient I want to do them all now!

Here is the list

Ladies day at Ascot (wear a big fuck off hat!)
Get a cat (๐Ÿ˜‰)
Get a tattoo
Get another ear piercing
watch a sunset
Do public speaking
Go to a ball
Spend day & night in posh hotel
Win a holiday (out of my hands I know!)
Fly first class (maybe combine with the holiday win!)
Make a fancy birthday cake
Get on TV
Do 50 acts of kindness
Hand Write and post actual letters to friends
Learn to dance
Try having a fringe for a while
Eat at a fancy pants restaurant
……meet Olly Murs ๐Ÿ˜‰
Do glass blowing
Birthing partner

Now I know there are some odd ones in there (andย  you’re all laughing at the fringe one) but I want them to be achievable. Nothing worse than making a list of things that you have no way of doing! So I have booked a night away at The Ritz in London for our wedding anniversary next month and I’ve also been researching tattoos and cats!

Another one I can hopefully tick off soon is ‘get on TV’. I had a small part in aย  documentary a good booby friend of mine is doing for The Discovery Channel. If you haven’t already come across her blog go check it out now. It’s called Storm in a Tit Cup and she is awesome. I shall keep you updated when it’s going to air.

If any of you guy know Mr Murs, please do get in touch!


I am incredibly lucky to have lots of amazing friends and they make this shitty time bearable. Next weekend I get to spend it with another fab group when we go to Secret Cinema’s Dirty Dancing…..I cannot bloody wait!!

K x


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